3DS Max 2015 SMD Plugins?

Hi there, I just have a quick question. Does anyone know of any SMD plugins that are compatible with the 2015 version of 3DS Max? Thanks in advance.

The only ones out for anything above Max 12 is WallWorm, which is kind of messy due to the fact that the developer had the SMD importer/exporter donated to him and has no idea how it works.

DMX first


Then I’ll make smd plugins for the new maxs

Hmm, okay, thanks.

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Uhh, what are you trying to say?

Basically I plan on making an SMD importer/exporter for 3dsmax 2013/14/15 once I’m done with DMX

Assuming that I have “no idea how it works” is really naive. And the exporter is 100% something I’ve been working on.

In any event, importers never have been my focus. The current SMD importer in WW is about to get an update, however. I doubt it will ever live up to all needs. As I personally am more into level design and building new environments, that is where my own efforts mainly go. Most of WW is about exporting into Source, not from Source to Max.

The focus currently in WW is various tasks that make it easy for level design and modeling simultaneously. At some point, there will be a DMX exporterbut probably not a DMX importer. I expect cra0kalo will fill that need to every one’s satisfaction.

In terms of the comment that the WW import is either messy or that I don’t know what it is all about. It is insulting and disrespectful. There is a good chance that the messiness is just as much your own misunderstanding in how WW works as to any flaw in it. There is much room for improvement. But do not call a multi-year effort of giving you free tools as messy or assume that I do not know how the things I make work. The current SMD importer, although donated, has now spent more time under my own scrutiny than under the original author’s… and I have done that in large part for the benefit of this and other communities! Without any kind or recompense. As such, please share as much respect for me as I have shared with you.

I meant no offense, I was just explaining how the SMD plugins in your tools did not work properly with the SMD’s themselves, and that it is not your fault because you you personally aren’t developing that plugin. I also was quoting someone verbatim from another thread I read at some point when looking for answers about the SMD plugin myself, and found out about how you acquired the SMD importer/exporter, and wasn’t trying to bash on your program or yourself intentionally.

I will say that your tools are useful for people who work on environments and geometric building styles. I watched many of your tutorials dating back even a couple years to get better acquainted with 3ds Max and importing & exporting different formats for different purposes.

I’m sorry if I came off disrespectful, I was only trying to help the OP from my own personal experience with your tools’ SMD plugins. I never meant that your tools were useless or in any way sub-par, and I’m sorry if I what I said came off that way. It was rude and unprofessional.

Well this is part of the problem of the internet. Information is often not verified. Yes, the SMD importer was donated. No, the SMD EXPORT code was NOT. I personally had a need for the exporter, which is why I developed it. The importer, however, was not something I would have written. But when Corey Nguyen wrote a MAXScript importer, he graciously allowed that code to be included in WW. And over time I have used my time to adapt it more and more into WW.

The point is this… please be 100% certain that what you share on the internet is 100% something you actually know. And please be aware that people like myself can easily get turned off to sharing time and effort when those efforts get publicly dismissed in such nonchalant fashions.

And understand there is no malice from my end.

I would like to know if there is any updates on cra0kalo’s SMD Importer/Exporter?

Any updates on this, I’m really don’t want to have two installations of max just for the sake of exporting smd’s…

Currently 3ds max 2012 is probably the most reliable if you stick to wunderboy’s tool and as far as I know, 3ds max 2013 and 2014 are reliable enough with wallworm tools. I’m not sure if Cra0kalo still plans on any SMD importers / exporters but his laptop died about a week ago so give him time. I’m not sure 3ds max 2015 has anything right at this moment. Rushing into the newest version of programs is generally going to result in issues like this. I’m not sure 3ds max has really added any new features that you just can’t live without, anyway, as far as Source modeling / porting goes.

Pretty much optimisation in the last max and the fact that I need to use it for college I don’t really want two installations so yea that’s why the update question, but well hopefully someone, someone will release it!

Im running 2013 and WW hasn’t become unstable yet.

Oh great the only “current” hope for a smd plugin has been banned… for what unjust reason this time?

I like wallworm, but the only problem I’ve had is importing(Yes I know it isn’t Wallworm’s fault).

It’s only for a day, dude. And besides, you can find out their ban reason and how long the ban is by clicking the



Haha I’m still here relax

3DSMax 2013 14 and 15 all use unicode which means I need to modify my existing plugins, that will take some time but shouldn’t be too long

Sorry for bump, but any news on the smd plugins?

Yea still waiting for it as well, and currently also searching for a Nif importer/exporter for Max15 :expressionless:

I had no idea you existed in the model section.