3DS Max 2016 Cape Physics?

Im rigging Darth Vader. i know right?
And i want his Cape to have Physics. without Bones. i’ll rig the cape. Incase it needs to be rigged. I’ve done it to another model that had a cape. but i couldnt get it to be. Realistic. (the bones break apart, and fall to the Viewports grid) Any way to make it stay attached to the pelvic/ Spine?

i’m not a 3dsmax guy, but… how does it work if you set the mass to 0. i’m sure you gotta use a bit of material setups tho. like stiffness and flexibility. all that stuff that makes it a connected surface.

Oh, im sorry. im only going to do it in 3DS Max, im not porting to source! if i cant, im fine with just using bones.

I guess you want something like that then, right ? You want the cloth to be simulated along with the animation. If so, try that tutorial or any other with similar search terms

Thanks bro! Exactly what i wanted!!! Now, i need to find out how to make him Shiny like in Battlefront