3ds max 2017 crashing while skinning

since this is modeling thread i just want to point out this issue that i’ve been having for long time now. I have 3ds max 2017 and whenever i try to skin character in 3ds max, it passes like 15 minutes or more somethimes less it stops responding and crashes. It crashes on windows 10 and windows 7. i dont know if its 3ds max bug, maybe i should download max 2012 or something?

If you can get your hands on a copy of it sure. Especially if you’re going to be working with Source, 2012 is pretty much the last version that has some solid support for it. Wallworm tools are alright, but they’re more geared at map creating and static props. Weird bugs pop up from time to time dealing with skinned meshes.

Also check to see if there are any sort of service pack updates for 2017 or what sort of plugins you’re running with the program. I used to have a plugin to import a certain file type that would cause max to seize up and crash after about 15 minutes. Removing the plugin cleaned up the crashing issue.

i am not working with source actually, i just got Kratos model and trying to skin it, but whenever i try to move skinned object to see how it deforms (you know common skinning technique when you make 4 keys for a leg to see how it deforms when you lift it up or backwards) 3ds max 2014 crashes right away, and max 2017 holds on for like maybe 15 minutes

Even if you aren’t working with source, I’d say 2012 is still a good bet since it is a lot more stable in my experience.

ok i try it.

3ds max 2012 doesnt actually crash but now i miss new maxes outliner :frowning:

Download all three 2017 service packs.

the funny thing is that this problem persisted in all maxes since 2013 or so… on both windows 10 and windows 7

so this how 3ds max 2012 mirrors skin weights. all hotfixes and service packs installed. any idea?

Looks like it didn’t recognize the other upper arm bone as a valid mirror. Adjust the tolerance before you apply the mirror. If a bone is red in the mirror section it means it can’t find a mirrored bone and won’t copy the envelopes.

it still mirrors bit funny but its fixable now thank you