3ds max 6, 7, 8, 9 2010 SMD importer & exporter by Cannonfodder!

SMD importer, exporter, and VTA exporter!

No more of this wunderboy shit that can’t even import smoothing groups, Cannonfodder isn’t dead and he updated his tools!


Funny, mine imports them beautifully.

wunderboy’s are “smoothing normals”. What tends to happen with those is when you apply a modifier, it turns all blocky. I’ve always hated smoothing normals :frown:

Woah he’s still alive. Nice release!

I’ve always used Cannonfodder. Since 06 and now.

I really, really hope he updates his decompiler sometime. :unsmith:

It also feds up when you export back to SMD.

Holy shit, this is great news! Now all we need is a new model decompiler.




I think I’ll stick with 3DS Max 8, it’s too early to upgrade

Fucking finally, now I can switch over to Max10, hnnng!


Sadly, the plugins does not work for 3dsmax 2010.

My Max2010 disagrees.


They work fine on my Max 2010. Also here’s a little comparison:

I really do regret having the win64 version of max2010 installed, curse the autodesk and their fascination with not having plugins compatible for both versions of its product.

I installed the 32 bit max instead and the SMD importer/exporter works, but not the VTA exporter


Same thing happened to me, but since I’m a lazy bastard I just used wunderboy’s vta exporter, from my experience with that it worked fine.

He should update the MDLdecompiler.