3ds Max and Garrysmod

Where to, how to, and what to start with?

I have, currently, 3ds max 8 and 9. I know how to use cannonfodders tools, after messing around with them for around an hour. How would I get what he has into an MDL file. Are there any tutorials on conversion and how-to’s?

Since my friend (Baker) has been asking me and also has been getting fed up with having mess-up compiles in garrysmod with XSI, I was hoping a new approach would work. I’m quite skilled with 3ds max but do not know a thing about how to get from 3ds to mdl (And the millions of other extensions that clamp on with the mdl file).

Thank you,


Thank you.



Jesus christ, what complications and steps one must go through just to make a simple model :frowning:

I hate valve.

i guess… though it makes sense if you think logically about it.

there are 3 files that makeup one model.

-the main model
-a collision model for physics
-and an animation file

the complicated parts are getting systems like finger posing face, and eye posing

but a simple models in gmod is very simple.