3ds Max autoplanar UV mapping

I find that any sort of architectural modeling in 3ds max can be tedious if you are modeling things based off of textures (like brick walls, tile floors, etc) since UV mapping in 3ds max can really only be done once you finish the model, not during. What Im wondering is if there is a plugin for Max that will autoplanar UV map faces as they are made just like it works in Source 2 or CryEngine designer tools.

Unwrapping a face and then clicking preserve UVs works kind of how I would like, but it breaks once you extrude a face or move it perpendicular to the unwrapped face as show in the video above. Are there any plugins that can work more like how Source 2 handles unwrapping new faces?

You can see more of what Im talking about with a tool in Unity called ProBuilder, where its a simple modeler in Unity that automatically unwraps new faces correctly.