3ds max, bones.

Hello, I am making ragdol model from 0 and now I want to make bones inside, but how to do angle break for them (bones must rotate only by Z axis and on 90 degrees)

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I cant find answer on that question for looong time

Well you do that in the HLMV where you can easily make bone constraints.
Compile the model
set the constraints in HLMV, copy the collision data into your QC and recompile.

Movement limits are defined in your *.qc file. You can read a little bit about this here!

Ou big thanks

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one more quetion, pleace, how is about dumpers? are they working for ragdolls?

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anybody try it or simply know???

what do you mean with dumpers?

The tool in 3ds Max what makes scrypted dumper model you can see it in this video
(object what connect parts of leg)