3DS Max Deletes Faces/Polygons/Whatever on Model Import

This has been going on for a while, where I’d import a model and some of the sides would be missing. It causes the sides to vanish and render the model useless in most cases.

For example, this soda bottle holder:

It has also happened to a deli counter, several signs, a reclining armchair, and a lottery ticket dispenser. Any reason why this happens, and is there a way to stop this?

are they actually removed or are the normals just flipped? this particular one could probably be fixed with edit poly and bridge followed by cap.

I just checked, and they’re actually removed.

i can’t help you with the porting much but i can help some with the fixing.
also, if the sides aren’t acutally connected to the bottom, which wouldn’t supprise me, then just extrude them instead of bridging. you’d have to bridge between the extruded green faces though and then cap the quad above though if that’s the case.

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/37308078/Stuff/3ds_max_goof edited.png

what filetype are you importing?
where did you get the files?
if you ripped them what program did you use?

The filetype is .pskx (Unreal Static Mesh?).
I got them from S.W.A.T. 4 and Postal 2.
I extracted them from their original .usx files with UE Viewer.

Maybe the rest of the polygons are in another file? Some engines separate parts of one mesh into separate files if those parts have different physics properties or stuff like that.

i really can’t help with the rest, not something i’m familiar with.