3ds max does not add the bones in model

so after coming back to work on the model i have abandoned a port of a model which i never finshed and when continuing on porting the abandoned model i noticed that i couldnt add on the bones even if the bones where inside of the model and everything (which is properly why i abandoned it) and now i ask the question can i use the game’s bones and just leave it like that and port it to gmod or is there another way to rig the bones to the model because i have tried everything

here is the ported model as bones dont show up in there

You need “Skin” modifier! Not “Skin morph”

even when i use the Skin modifier it still doesnt show up the bones

Click on a single bone object and see if it’s not set to be an editable mesh/poly, or even if there’s any modifier on it.

not sure how do u check if it is set as a editable mesh/poly but i see a convert to editable mesh/poly but im not sure if there is any modifier

  1. Delete all Skin and Skin morph modifiers
  2. Select your mesh only
  3. Add Skin modifier to it
  4. Here we are, you can add bones

Wow thanks alot it took me 3 months to find an answer and i found it thanks

Hes right, I didn’t notice until now that you had all objects selected in the screenshots. You can’t do that when applying modifiers because bones will be affected too. I’ve never seen bones using any sort of modifier, so always double check you are selecting the right objects, specially mesh objects if you are applying Skin modifier.

Loooool!!! You select bones and apply “skin” on them)))))
You must select MESH (mesh - its your bunny girl) and assign “skin” ))))