3DS Max Expert Needed

I can’t figure out how to use the UV Wrap tool. Whenever I apply a texture to my model it wraps over the whole body rather than the section I need it to. I need to be able to designate the material to one section of it. If someone could explain to me in detail how to access and use this menu, I would appreciate the help. Also what are the pinkish blue textures?

My second question involves how to port GMOD models. I already have all the needed plugins, i just need to know how to assemble the models pieces to work with eachother and hwich ones that I need to import. I have multiple pieces of the same models, some in which have animations with them. Do i import the animations and the models that end in “LO” or not?

Are you using the UWV map or the UWV unwrap modifier? Because you need to use the unwrap modifier to first make a map of your mesh on which to draw the texture.

How do I access this modfier and how do I use it? I have the textures and everything, for example, I need to apply the eye etexture to only the characters eye. What do I do?

you need to go to the polygon tab in editpoly or edit mesh select the correct polygons and set them to a seperate material id (in the polygon tab near the bottom.

Are you talking about the top bars, edit, tools, group and the other ones. I am in that edit and I see no polygon manager. Where is edit poly or edit mesh? Are you talking about “mesh editing” under modifiers?

What, no. Just use the UVW modifier and put them separately in the map. Modifiers are on the top of the right side menu bar thingy when a model is selected.

Okay, I’ve been using the select ID under modifier list and editable mesh. Problem I’m having is selecting the models parts that I need to texture. I can’t select only certain parts of the model, I’m only able to draw out squares to highlight the areas I need textures. Isnt there a better way to do this?

There has to be a way to apply these textures fasters, I’m stuck applying poly after poly of textures, how do I select a whole area more accurately?


Someone has to know.


Anybody out there??

I’m not sure what exactly are you doing. If I have time later today I might make a fast video tutorial for you on simple UV mapping.

That sounds great. The problem I’m having is using the tool to texture the parts of the model that are attached to the character like the belt. I am having trouble figuring out how to texture the belt and only the belt. The only way I’m able to texture it is by clicking each individual poly and filling that in with the belt texture. Is there a better way?

You can select multiple faces by holding CTRL and dragging and deslect by holding ALT instead. When selecting faces in UVW mode, you can expand or reduce your selection of faces with the + and - buttons.

Also, you should remember to use as few texture files as possible; Always cram as many textures into one sheet as you can. Unless there’s need for a variety of shaders on the body of your character, there’s no reason why the clothing, details and shoes shouldn’t be in one sheet.

wow, that helped a lot. I’m editing a fake factory model and it is very detailed. I imported the model, what happens when I’m done reapplying textures to it and I put it back ingame, Will it still look the same?


Wait a minute, all holding alt does is drag the poly out away from them odel, it doesn’t let me select more than one.

I’m not sure what kind of bizarre voodoo you’re up to, but here are a few helpful tips:

  • Textures do not need to be reapplied after importing a model.

  • New textures should be applied to an imported model via the “Editable Mesh” modifier. Selecting the model will reveal this section on the modifiers pane. Do not add a new one (this will typically bork the model’s rigging).

  • The Editable Mesh modifier has a variety of selection modes. Individual faces can be selected with the “Face” and “Polygon” tools, while elements with unattached borders can be selected with the “Element” tool.

  • If any faces are selected, dragging a material from the Materials Editor to the selected object will only apply the material to the highlighted faces.

That was pretty confusing. Here’s my goal, I need to make custom animations for my model, then import these animations back into the game so the character can animate. I need these animations to work in GMOD so i can film them, I’m working on a movie and I’m filming it in GMOD because porting the map into 3ds is difficult. Does htem odel have to be an NPC to do these animations or can a ragdoll do them?

What is the best way to implement custom animations into GMOD to be used for film making?

Why on earth would you need to re-uv the model to do that?
The model is probably already rigged, so if you want custom animations, you need to create them. Look for a tutorial on how to animate source models.

I have looked. Can you tell me what i need to do to customize animations so i can apply them to ragdolls ingame?