3ds max face duplication

I haven’t seen a question megathread, so i’ll come out and ask this.

Is there an option to duplicate faces in 3ds max like in xsi mod tool (softimage xsi)?

I would like to duplicate a face, and then make it smaller, and pull it out and continue on with the cylinder, how would I do that?

Sounds like you need to use the detach tool, available in the first third of left toolbar when poly select is active.

If you want it as a separate element on the same object, you can hit ‘detach’ and check off detach as element. If you want it as a new object with a unique name, you can just detach it. Finally, if you want a new object from the selected faces but don’t want to delete the faces from your old object, you can detach as clone without impacting the selected geo at all.

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All that said, your best bet is probably just an inset operation.


Here are a couple other tips:

  1. Select Face(s)
  2. SHIFT+LMB+DRAG with any Transform Gizmo (in this case via Move or Scale)
  3. Choose To Element if you want it in the same node, To Object if you want to separate

Another Hint

To Transform from the face normal, (so you can move an object out from its face along local Z) set the Coordinate System to Local (the drop down in the main toolbar that defaults to View) before you start the SHIFT+LMB+DRAG.