3ds Max fails to launch

I downloaded the free trial of 3ds max, but whenever I launch it it closes after the splash screen. It opened ONCE when I first installed it, but now no matter how many times I reinstall nothing happens after that dang splash screen. When I try to launch it manually from inside the folder (By clicking the exe) the same thing happens. Attempting to run as admin gives me

“The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or has no enabled devices associated with it.”

I really want to get into modeling, but I’m at my ever-lovin’ wit’s end here! Have any of you modelers ever run into or even heard of something this bizarre?


No one’s heard of this?

Make sure your firewall or antivirus isn’t blocking the exes it needs for starting like the license server.

I had same problem once.
I fixed it like this:
In start menu go to Autodesk - Autodesk 3DS Max [ver.] - Change Graphics Mode
And just try out different settings there. Might help then.

ver. means version of your 3ds max.

Alright, thanks guys. Also, thanks for the spelling fix.


My antivirus seems to be ignoring it, and Change Graphics Mode doesn’t launch either.

Should I try the PC hardware/software section?