3Ds Max (Help Needed)

Hello I’m a complete noob at 3Ds Max, but i just have one question I have 22 objects and I want to scale them all at once is this possible?

Yes, it is very possible.

select them all and scale

See I did that, but then it only scales 1 object even knowing I selected them all.

This is a gif of what I mean. As you can see I have everything selected and it comes out all weird and messed up.


That’s because by the looks of it your only pulling on one of the axis to scale click the triangle in the middle when you hit the scale button and it will scale the model on all the axis.

I’m pressing the triangle in the middle.

After selecting everything, then selecting the scaling tool, select the hierarchy tab and press the affect pivot only button, then scale everything.


Once I do that it only scales 1 object even though i have selected everything.

EDITED: Fixed you where close but to fix it I needed to Affect Object Only that worked fine.