3ds Max, Instancing an object, then having two separate mod. stacks over a common mod. stack


I’ve come into a little modeling issue I don’t know how to look for answers on Google about it (lack of keywords to target my search, etc.).

On a weapon model, I have created the left half of a ribbon-shaped object. I’m going to add jigglebones to this half.
To make the right half, since the ribbon is symmetrical, I’ve created a mirrored instance of that object.

Using this instance, any UVW Mapping changes I do on the object will be seen on the instance, along with any stack modifier, which is the whole point of instancing obviously.


Now the problem is, I need to add a “Skin” stack modifier to both halves of the ribbons in order to assign them different bones for the jigglebones.
They’re not gonna share the same bones.

The issue will occur when adding the Skin stack modifier to the original, because it will also apply it to the instance. However, I can add things to the stack on the instance without affecting the original obviously.

My question is, what is the workaround for this?

I thought of different generic solutions, like ghosting the original onto a scene that will not be exported into the SMD, in order to make two instances of this original on the real scene.
A workaround would be not to use instances at all but it kills the point. Last resort if necessary.

I don’t know the answer nor how to perform it if I were right about the solution. If there are answers to be found on Google, I can deal with keywords if I knew about them, just tell me!


Make the instance a separate object, not an instance.

Or you could detach the other ribbon in the element selector as a separate object.