[3ds-Max]Modelling Walls

Hello, dear Facepunch-Community
I need some help with Modelling in 3ds max i can´t find any tutorials of this kind of Wall. First of all i created this Wall:


And this wall need a length of 300 Metre with the same UVW and Textures but idk how to do this if i create a wall with 300 metre i need to unwrap every single part and now i try to create 1/4 of the wall unwrap it and create symmetry. Any other ideas how to make this easier ? and the other Problem, this wall needs details like spikes chains bricks but if i create a model without any uvw and duplicate it i have the same problem like my wall.

So there is my Map and the i want to create the wall on the top where the red mark is:


Not totally sure what you want to do, but you want it to ‘tile’ (repeat the actual model) along the 300 meters or you just want it to be stretched until it fits the 300 meters ?