[3DS MAX] Models rig gets Destroyed when I save and quit 3ds

Title says all. I’ve had to re-do this model over 5 times. And it’s pissing me off. Luckily I’ve exported the model via Wall-Worm(<3) So I’ll just check over the model to see if i left rigging errors. Which I don’t think I did when I exported the model.


Rig of Exported Version:


I don’t know what caused this, And im fine with re-rigging it. The model is just so, Time consuming to rig.

iirc you just need to have keyframes set and drag the animation slider

That’s what i thought it was aswell. But when I did that, It changed nothing. I think it was cause I added bones or something. Cause the Envelopes Werent where i set them. They were little squares instead of lines.

It looked like this