3ds Max models to mdl. files help!

hey guys, I’ve recently started modelling, and I’ve come across some issues when exporting max models as smd’s and converting them to mdls.
I export them with the following steps:
export as SMD’s as the following: reference, idle(anim) and phys(collision).
create qc with the following:

$modelname mg1\model_compiled\mg1.mdl
$cdmaterials "models\"
$scale 1
$body studio "MG1_REF.smd"
$sequence idle "MG1_STILL" fps 1
$collisionmodel "MG1_phys.smd"
$Mass 1

It returns a number of files:


when I drap the .mdl file onto the model viewer it gives the generic “error loading model”
and opens the window. It show that it has a poly count of 0.

I know this is very minimal insight into my situation but I was wondering if anyone possibly new what I was doing wrong. thanks and please help!

It has to be compiled in the directory you want to place it in in the first place.