3ds Max Plane Problem

Now I have another problem. How do I get rid of that diagonal line so that it’s just a plain rectangle, and not two triangles?



You could just, you know, look through the help files and get a basic idea of the interface instead of constantly asking questions.

My user reference isn’t coming up.

Because you pirated it.

models are stored as triangles, polygons or quads

because of this, 3dsmax has 3 modes. you are currently in 3 sided polygon mode. this is important because when your model gets converted to triangles, you know where the edges will go.

anyway to not see the line, convert the plane to “Editable Polygon” and it becomes a quad. it’s not limited to 3 sides anymore. so you can add and remove whatever lines to want.

just be warned this is dangerous for modeling. k
models can get easily retarded…