3ds Max / Ragdolling Help

I have just gotten 3ds Max and before I start, I want to know what I need to make a model a ragdoll. I have a bunch of bones and stuff all aligned and linked (I referred to a TF2 model for help), and I need to know how to actually make it a ragdoll and get it into Gmod. I’ve heard that you need a .qci file of some sort, but nothing comes up. Also, I couldn’t find any good tutorials relating to ragdolling.

Would anybody please help me, or just link me to a good tutorial that teaches how to rig a humanoid ragdoll and export it for Gmod? Thanks in advance!

I’ve never had to use a .qci for any of my ragdolls unless it had faceposing, but that’s not important.

Rigging is actually universal, and there isn’t any specific way to rig for gmod, so any rigging tutorial will do. There are a couple specific things for playermodels and npc replacements, but ragdolls can use pretty much any skeleton.

That one’s okay to start, just scroll down to the bone section. The only thing I don’t like is that he only relies on the bone weight radius instead of using the weight tool, but you’ll probably be able to get started using that.

As for compiling, when I started out I had a program write most of the QC for me. It was called hl2 compile toolkit, and it won’t work now if you tried to use it since hl2 and source sdk changed their folder structure a bit. I went ahead and modified this one for you. (it was pretty easy, just had to open up the .bats in notepad)

You can get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/?cp7po2cxlakkucp

It comes with instructions, and all you really need to do is fill out the form for creating the QC and you’ll have a basic ragdoll if it’s rigged correctly and the collision model is done right.

Good luck! It takes a bit of time, but it’s not impossible to learn.