3ds max rigging, quick question about fingers/hands

I’m new to 3ds max and rigging models for gmod in general, but I’m trying my best to learn. How do you guys handle hands/fingers with your ported models? I recently extracted the Fallout 3 power armor and while I kind of know how to weight the model properly, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to the hands.

Here’s the model I’m messing with.

Here’s his hand.

As you can see the skeleton is way bigger than the hand while the skeleton otherwise fits the model near perfectly. How would you guys go on about fixing it?

edit: I’m trying to fit the model to the male_01 valve biped for reference.

You might do a hand hack and use one that fits in this model and also skeleton.

It’s not the best solution but might work. Alternatively you can also simply edit both hands to be bigger and fit the skeleton better, then you do the bone weighting thing.

Yep, I was actually concidering doing this and I’ve done it in the past when I used Blender. The issue with that though is that I’m very restricted to what kind of hands I can use and it wont work for all models because it’d look bad. I’d prefer to learn how I can do it the proper way, which is why I’m asking how you guys who are more experienced at this stuff would fix it.

I might try resizing the hand but I’m still all ears if there’s a better way.

You might also resize the hand bone structure to fit the mesh, rig and then the animations will stretch the hands.

As you can see, most solutions are very similar, I don’t think there’s another option.

I would recommend you using a 3DS Max Biped instead of straight bones since it’s really annoying to work with those.

However that implies taking the biped base and modifying it to fit the model, so it will take a little while but the Rigging will almost be done automatically once positioned right and the fingers will almost be rigged correctly, you will still have to tweak it but that’s about it.