3DS MAX, See Through Models.


I have a proplem. I imported a model from the phymodel of a HL2 Model.

but its see Through. but if u look through you can’t see through all of it.
I think its Fliped Vertices? im not sure. I fixed it a while ago. and forgot how to…

flipped vertices lol wut 0_o

you mean frontface culling? show me a picture

Idk what its called. ill show you a pic. Its like the texture is put inside out.you can see the texture on the other side. but its see through. ill show the pic soon

Consider he’s mentioning a phymodel, it’s almost definitely flipped normals. Since many people do that for phymodels, particularly for static meshes with multiple phys section. Since it does often prevent the compiler merging it into one area.

That was my first thought about that; waiting for the pic.

be scared!



i found it, do not know how. I was just playing around with the "Editable Mesh’’ Pressing whatever I could press…

An found some Flip normal’s. Sorry about picture too.

ive bin working…
Sleeping. stuff like that.

it’s called Backface cull. Quite simple to fix, just either use Editable Poly or Editable Mesh. Select Element, and click on your model. Then in the modifier stack, find “Flip”.

Either that, or you could simply go into the object property and then toggle the backface cull off.