3DS Max SMD Plugins

Supports 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018
I mainly use 2016 so I can’t guarantee how well the other ones will work.

Just place the folder and files in C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3DS Max <version>\plugins

**DMX plugins last updated:**2017/12/29

DMX Exporter

There’s tooltips now. Keyvalues 2 (no ids), and model version 22 are just for Source 2.
It’ll export morphs from consecutive morpher modifiers to get around the limit.

**SMD plugins last updated:**2017/12/31


Skeletal Animation:
By default it’ll set itself to your timeline’s current range but it’s not limited to it

If the mesh doesn’t have a material applied to it or if it’s a bone object it’ll be ignored when writing the triangles
It should automatically find explicit normals and export them
By default it’ll export the name of the material itself. If you don’t want that export bitmap names will grab the name of the bitmap in the diffuse slot of a standard material.
GoldSrc format will only export the node with the highest weight for each vertex.

In general:
They’ll ignore anything that’s hidden.
They’ll also create a bone for pretty much everything that’s visible.

It’ll export the position and normal of every vertex it finds.
It does support just exporting your scene but hide everything that isn’t needed or use export selected so it doesn’t write a bunch of useless data.
Export morphs will export one node’s morphs. If it finds multiple nodes with the morpher modifier you’ll have to select which one you want to export.


Import Triangles:
This will name the mesh after the file, create a multi material for you, and import everything with explicit normals.
Weld vertices will compare position and rigging to avoid any redundancy.
Rebuild smoothing groups will try to do what it says. There are some situations where it’ll fail and probably make some weird mess of groups that accomplishes nothing.
Collision model is the same as weld vertices but it’ll compare position and normals to recreate the separate hulls and it’ll set the smoothing groups for you. It’s also the only option that’ll clear the explicit normals.
Import Bones**
This will look through the scene for any bones that match the names in the file. If it can’t find them it’ll create them and parent them to the appropriately. It also shouldn’t mess with the hierarchy of any existing bones.

If it doesn’t find any triangles it’ll switch over to this instead.
It’ll import the animation from your timeline’s current start and as long as you don’t import only one frame it’ll set the end of the timeline to the last.
It’ll look for existing bones just like above.

If they do anything unexpected please mention your settings and upload the files. If it crashes get the dump file and upload that.

Hopefully this will fix my fucking mesh from being 90 degrees flipped on import with wall-worm -.- Looks promising love you
Works amazingly thanks

holy fuck, this is a god send

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[del]Gonna test this out in 201264b[/del] doesnt work(2014 version of the scripts) but that means i dont have to be confined to 2012 anymore

Does wallworm even work correctly? All i know is you gotta pay to export DMX which is dumb. Speaking of DMX any plans for DMX exporting/imports?

well hell, explicit normals? i’ll have to try this out. if it works without fucking things up to kingdom come, this might actually work fantastic. can’t wait to try this out.

Finally, some decent SMD tools for later builds of 3dsmax.

Now I don’t have to keep recommending people find ways to get 3dsmax 2011 if they want to use 3dsmax for Source. :v:

More plugins to make things a lot easier are welcome! Thank a plugin works for the 2016 version.

This goes into the plugins folder right? Can’t seem to find it.

can’t find the place to put the DLI files.

I want to get VTA export and possibly import first but I have been looking at the DMX format to see how everything works.

It does… Kinda, When I import a model, the Mesh is flipped. And if I export a model It most of the times makes it Hard Edged. Or not smooth. And there was no way to fix it.

If I remember correctly, Wall-Worm is also horrendously slower at exporting .SMD files if you’re using the free copy, so you basically also have to pay just to be able to export .SMD files in a reasonable amount of time.

Finally, many thanks!

Thanks dude!

Wow, maybe now I can finally ditch my buggy 2012 installation.

Edit: Does this include exporting with explicit normals like Wunderboy’s plugins?

It should automatically find them. I’m not sure what’d happen if you had multiple modifiers though.

Well I am still using 2011, but this is amazing nonetheless.

How do you enable the import/exporting screens? when i import and export an smd it just exports right away (using 2016)

Oh, since you’re here and actively working on the tool, Game Zombie, I would like to make a request, if you haven’t already done so:

API access, so that scripts can fully automate the importing and exporting of SMDs. I make a lot of batch-operation scripts, and the import/export points are always a cause of bottlenecks for me. To the point I wrote my own SMD exporter in Maxscript, just so I can automate it - but of course, a Maxscript exporter is slow as shit compared to a proper dll like this.

Just wanted to say thanks Game Zombie, now I can finally upgrade to a newer vision.

Holy fuck this is the best late Christmas miracle ever, it works beautifully
Just one small request, is it possible to add a checkbox on the importer to split SMD subobjects into seperate scene objects?
It’s the only feature from WallWorm’s SMD importer I find useful that’s missing here, although the Weld Vertices feature works well enough as a substitute.

This is a lifesaver, now I can finally upgrade from using 2010.

There should be an en-US folder and that goes into plugins as well

I was reading the documentation and just could not understand it. If you can find another plugin that does it that I can use as a reference I’ll add it.

Mind taking a picture showing what you mean exactly?