3ds max smoothing groups and source Dota 2 problem

Hi all, I’m from Russia, and created my first model in 3DS max for dota 2. I`m sorry i bad speak english and use google translate.
I hope you understand me and be able to answer my questions, thanks

I watched a lot of videos but never found the answer to my question, if anyone can explain the points or have detailed video where it shows I will be very glad …

  1. How can I bake normal maps correctly without using smoothing groups?
    When I bake a normal map without smoothing groups I have seen faces on it.
    Also, I must to move to the symmetrical UV islands to remove the seams
    And i must use 1 smoothing group for 1 UV island to was not visible seams on normal map
    My model screenshots, i have 16 smoothing groups just model looks right and beautiful and no have problems. Normal map baked with smoothing groups.


And screenshots valve default courier:
no moved UV islands
no smoothing groups(smoothing groups converted vertex normals? How?)
no symmetry and seems problems

I made my model, UV and normal map right?
How can I make so that it was like a courier from Valve
How can I do so that there is no smoothing groups, and normal map bake was nicely without them?
it would be good to see a step by step guide

  1. I Can use CAT or Biped for my custom courier animation?
    3)in 3DS Max 2016 which settings to use to import models fbx? Сan I use to export a standard material or special need to create? I have issues with import fbx to dota 2

Many thanks to those who try to help and sorry for very big pictures

When I import the smd file for default courier it shows me it has smoothing groups assigned to the entire model.

Also, I’m pretty sure it makes no difference for Source Engine if your UV has islands outside the main area, it’ll probably merge everything to the same area just like the default courier model.

Finally, you can make your images a bit smaller if you use [noparse]
<link>[/t] tags instead of [/noparse].

Like this:

Thank you, that is my model made correctly?
normal map is not distorted in the game? I bake it with smoothing groups