3ds max: texturing

Can anyone help me with texturing in 3ds max. I have a textured model of russian VAZ-2104 car. It uses multi/sub object materials. All diffuse maps are bitmap. I want to export it to .smd ant then compile it to .mdl
I have never used multi/sub object materials when I worked with models for source engine. I used standart materials with diffuse maps. All diffuse maps for multi/sub object materials are different bitmap files.
So, will these textures work correctly in-game? Or I have to re-texture my model using only standart materials?
Also I don’t know what is the limit of polygons in source engine. I cannot compile my model the number of bolygons is greater than nearly 25000.
But I decompiled some models from FakeFactory Cinematic Mod and the count of polygons is much more greater than 25000. So I think there is a way to compile a model with the count of polygons greater than 25000.

Sorry for my english. :slight_smile:

It will work. Just export the model as SMDs, write a QC, convert the textures to VTFs and write them VMTs and then, finally, compile the model.

Ok, thanks. It works :smiley:
But my model has 62951 polys and 67111 verts. I cannot compile it :frowning:
I use GUIStudioMDL with “Ignore warnings” flag. I always get “ERROR: too many indices in source:”
When I delete some parts and polys are ~25000 it compiles well, but a car without wheels and doors isn’t a car. So, does anyone know how to compile models like this?

I think FakeFactory made a custom copy of StudioMDL that had a raised limit. Try hunting that down.