3DS Max Warping Glitch

Well, I have 3ds Max 2008 and for some reason, when I apply a picture to my plane it always seem to do what is seen in this video:

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Does it do the same with any other map?

What do you mean? Any other picture? If you’re talking about the picture, then yes, it does the same. Changing the size of the plane doesn’t help either.

Use more subdivisions.

Or use a better graphics setting (I assume you’re using Software rather than OpenGL or DirectX) to fix it.

How do I add more subdivisions…? Sorry, I’m relatively new to modeling (and how can I check which software I’m using/change it?)

You wanna right-click the text in the upper-left hand corner of the viewport, and there should be something about adjusting or fixing the texture. That’ll fix it for the most part. I’m too lazy to open max to tell you the exact wording~

the problem is your display driver.

in 3dsmax you can pick from software, directx9, or opengl.

I can’t remember what i use, its either dx9 or software.

…anyway looks like your on openGL with low settings. that warping effect will happen with any every model until you change the display driver

How can I do that?


Also, how come my picture is so pixellated? The dimensions of the plane are exact of the picture, so shouldn’t the picture look normal? I don’t know what they measure the dimensions with (i.e pixels, millimeters), however, if someone could tell me I’d appreciate it too.

the pixelazation is again due to the display driver… once you change it to DX9 model, config the driver and increase the texture display size to its max. that’ll get you the best quality in the view ports

Ah, thank you very much.


Uh oh, another problem came up as I switched to DirectX 9. Random white rectangles appear in and out. Here’s a picture:


oh vista… ~_~

3dsmax was before the time of vista, and is very buggy.

looks like your on DX9… try software render, that may fix the issue

Changed it to software - should it still be looking like this?


Turn it onto DX9, turn off Vista “enhanced” theme to basic. Should fix it.

vista should automatically roll into the basic theme when a none compatible application is launched. I know when I had vista transparent menus would revert each time max started.

in the end I found it best to go back to winXP