3DS Max & Windows 10 compatibility and the problems it brings.

Hi, i’m new here.

I’m having issues using my favourite iteration of the 3DS Max software (9) with Microsoft’s latest OS.
Understandably due to it being released in 2006…

Now despite more current versions working just dandy, they all bring awful changes.
UI Tweaks, hotkeys being moved, UVMap method and Rendering differences.
Basically making using this software a damn sight more irritating, do to the developers “IMPROVING” things.

Does anyone here use any Autodesk products, and might be able to offer any tips/tricks etc?

I’m looking forward to getting into 3D Modelling…

Isn’t it about time to update from Max 9?
You can pretty much configure latest max to work like 9, is there any specifics you could not get around?

I’ve been debating an upgrade, max '14 and higher ballsed up the UVmapping, and little shit like axis locking when manipulating verts.

It’s the small shit like that which hindered me. I mean the software itself is a piece of piss to use, but altering every day stuff just fucks with you.

Holy Dav0r. It’s been many a year since I’ve seen that name. I am humbled to be in your presence, being that you are one of the idols I once looked up to in the modeling scene.

I personally use 3dsMax 2011. 2012+ is when the old Source tools by Cannonfodder and Wunderboy stops working, reducing the available Source toolset down to Wallworm’s, which I am not a personal fan of. Game Zombie has been working on new tools for newer versions of 3dsmax, though.

I believe 2011 works with Windows 10, and so I personally recommend that, if you happen to have a copy of it lying around.

Would it be viable to have a virtual machine just for modeling?

Yep, I use 2011 every now and again for compatibility and W10 runs it fine.

3DS Max 2012 also works just fine on Windows 10. It has the occasional hiccup when loading models every now and then, but it works completely fine otherwise.

And for anyone wondering what I mean when I say it has an occasional hiccup, the program just stalls for a brief moment while importing the models. Not really a big deal since it usually loads the model just fine afterwards.

Cannonfodder and Wunderboy’s tools still work in 2012 as far as I’ve seen. It’s 2013 and onward that no longer seem to support them.

IIRC, I do know that Wunderboy is getting his SMD Importer and Exporter updated for Max 2015 and 2016 as well as for 2017. No word on when he will release the updated plugins though.


That might be of use – if not, Wall Worm Model Tools may suffice.