3ds Max - working with .SMD

Hello, everyone!

I exported a model (with various groups/surfaces) as .SMD from Milkshape 3D.
When I imported it to 3ds Max, all I see is “smdimport” surface, which is the whole model.
How do I see the same groups I had in Milkshape but in 3ds Max?

Thanks a lot.

Try going into editable mesh then selecting the elements. (Red cube)

Hmmm I just tried that but it only get the floaters ( I guess ), not the groups I have regrouped in Milkshape. :s

Any other ideas?
I have exported each group separatedly and imported them one by one. But I believe there must be a faster way to do it.

Give them different materials in milkshape, export, then select by material in max.

Thanks and… how do I select by material?
P.S.: I suck at 3ds Max, but it’s necessary.

Scroll down to the bottom of editable mesh and select through the IDs there.

Awesome, thanks a lot.
Unfortunately, I think I won’t be able to have the groups I had in Milkshape though.
But, how do I see the amount of vertices in a group AND in the selected area?

Ok, I found out how to see the TOTAL vertices in a scene, but how do I see the vertices in a selected surface? Thanks.

You’ll have to detach that surface as a separate mesh. As far as I know, you can’t see vertices on one part of a model if it’s all one mesh.

After I dettach it, how do I see the verts on that surface?

Click the 3 dots there in editable mesh. That’s what you’re asking, right?


I’m trying to get the vert count. I know how to get the poly count, but on the engine I’m working on, I need vert count.

Select the element, then control click the vertex selection button (not in the modifier list, the actual 3 vertices button). This will select all the vertices in the element, then just look down and it will tell you how many verts are selected.

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Awesome! Thank you all for your help! Great, this is very useful for me! :smiley:
Thanks a lot!