3ds max9 smd exporter problem

It’s really odd. Whenever I try to export my model as an smd the only thing that exports are the bones. The mesh is completely untouched. I’m exporting as a reference and this is part of what comes up:

-Writing Animation…
-* Exporting single reference frame for 86 node(s)
-Writing Meshes…
-Export complete!

Usually after “Writing Meshes…” the name of the mesh appears. At first I was exporting as an .fbx, and then exporting that as an smd and it would work fine, but now even that meets the same problem.

Has anyone encountered this as well and been able to fix it? Did I add/change something to the mesh that doesn’t export? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hm… Try selecting everything before you export

Did you test to see if it did export the mesh? It sounds like you just read the log and didn’t test the model.

Tried selecting everything and exported using Export and Export Selected, still didn’t work.
And I tested it by both importing the smd after (it does make a file) and by trying to compile it. When I go to view it in the model viewer it can’t load the model and when I import it back into 3ds Max only the bones are imported.

EDIT: Finally, I figured it out. For some reason the whole mesh was classified as a group (even though it was already one object). After a simple ungrouping I got it to export. Thanks for looking at the thread and trying help!