3DS missing Assets

On some Models i have what are .obj with .png Textures with originally .dds Textures, i have an Issue in 3DS not applying the Textures.
It starts with a List of Textures XXXXXXX.dds not found, the blank - silver Textures are Listed in the Material Editior but dont Show up in the
Asset Manager so i cant reasign them. I have the Textures and the Points are saved but i cant Change them because the only way how to that
i know is through the Asset Manager.

Is there any other way to fix this Issue without Hand place each Texture ? If theres someone with knowledge in 3DS i would ask for your help please, thanks.

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Nevermind i did it with C4D post can be deleted if needed thanks but i run into another issue with the Hair Textures, there two Parts, one gets right Textured but the other one has still some raw Texture Placeholders ?
Is that something Need to be done transparent ? It Looks like before with no Texture.

Nevermind i also solved this ok but theres one Thing i surely never learn… is there a way to increase Texture Quality of already doen 3D Models with Textures ?

Typically the best way to improve a texture is to upscale it. Let’s say you have a texture that has a resolution of 512 by 512. To improve the quality, you can upscale it to 1024 by 512, or 1024 by 1024, and so forth up until 4096 by 4096 (which is pretty much the limit for most models).

The other, more common way of making a model look better is by adding a “normal” or “bump” map. This simulates little bumps and indents in a model without the model actually having those indents.
Basically, a model is made of triangles (called “tri’s”). The more tri’s you have, the better the model looks, as you can physically see the indents on a model (for example, a button on a shirt). The problem is, some game engine cannot open models with so many tri’s, as it costs a lot of memory and cpu to register that the model has that detail. Normal maps simulate this without actually using up so much memory and cpu. You can find a detailed explanation of normal maps here.

To specifically address the problem you’re having with applying textures, when you set a texture, 3DS Max will go to the location of that file to use it when you open up your project. If you move this file to a different location on your computer, 3DS Max won’t be able to find the file. You’ll have to manually tell 3DS Max where the file has gone for it to use again.