3ds smd export issue.

Ok, so I am having this big problem: I am trying to export a model as SMD but the resulting SMD is always empty save for bones, the actual geometry is not being saved. Furthermore, I am not able to select material, as if the model is not there.

apply a basic material with a diffuse texture (just drag and drop the texture on the mesh)

Would be easier if you got Milkshape 3D

Costs money though, worth it. :wow:

(The software isn’t mine, it is just a suggestion :slight_smile: [It’s by Chumbalum Soft, and I definetly don’t work there because I barely know how to spell it.])

The problem is, the model is already supposed to have a texture. 3ds simply is not recognizing it.

Also forgot to mention this: Every other model is by default gray. This one appeared pink. No idea what it means.

Assert failure: Bogus orig normal

What the fuck is this?

It’s probably a non basic material. Also what format is the texture in?

Seriously? You’re advocating for ms3d? The single most out of date modelling program that shits itself whenever you as much as try to work with bones in it?

Manually put the textures in, and it seems to be working, thanks for that suggestion. However I keep getting this bullshit error when I try exporting:
Assert failure: Bogus orig normal

It takes me several tries to export a model without this error.