3DSMax 2010 - Selecting all visible faces?

I’ve been converting a car model from a racing game, and I’ve got it in Max and ready to smooth and unwrap, but every model converted from the game is ungodly high-poly because each face is rendered in double - like two-sided planes. This is either because of the way the tools for the game’s engine convert the geometry, or because (god forbid) the developers did it intentionally.

Either way, I could drastically cut down on the polycount, and get some much higher quality models into Source (there is a 10,000 poly car body that could easily be a more compilable 5,000) if I could position the Perspective camera inside the car (which won’t be visible with the textures I’m applying), select every face visible to the camera, and delete them.

Does anyone know of a way to exclusively select every visible face? Like a Select All with Ignore Backfacing?

I think if you import it you get option " Remove Doubled Faces" Not sure though.

Importing from what format? The game engine uses GMT models, and the editor I use exports them as 3DS, which I then import into Max. I’ve never seen a ‘remove doubled faces’ option. It’s possible I’ve just glossed over it, but I think the only prompt I get gives me the merge/replace geometry options and the preserve texture coordinates checkbox.

EDIT: I went back and checked, and no, I only get the Merge with current scene/Replace current scene options and a Convert Units checkbox when importing these files.