3dsMax 2013 Source Engine plugins?

Are there any 3dsMax 2013 Source Engine plugins at the moment? I keep Googling and I can’t find a single one and 3dsMax 2012 plugins don’t work for 2013.

I don’t think there’s any for 2013 that I know of, at least.

2013 uses a different scripting and plugin coding sytem - thus rendering everything made for 12 and below useless and needing to be recoded.

You can use Wall Worm to export models, textures, levels and more even in 3ds Max 2013. It written in Maxscript so should work even when 2014+ come out.

hey do you have vta supported?

There is a VTA exporter in wall worm.

Didn’t start 3ds max 2013 up when I installed it correctly.

Are you saying that Max won’t start after you installed WW? Or that you could never get Max 2013 to start after installingt 3ds Max 2013?

WW broke 3ds max 2013, so I removed everything with it to do and then everything worked fine.

Interesting. My quess is that a Macroscript failed at load, which would generally imply that the scripts were not installed properly. When you download WW, you need to put the WallWorm.com folder inside your Scripts folder. So all of the Wall Worm folders should be located inside : c:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2013\Scripts\WallWorm.com\

A couple of people have sent me emails about having problems and it turned out that they dumped all the folders from WallWorm.com in the download directly into scripts instead of the subfolder.

If that is not the case… what error came up?

Does Wallworm support animation exporting or even .dmx support?

I’ve got it but I haven’t had the time to use it yet.

Also brilliant work on it so far.

Yes, animations are supported. However, it will not export CAT/Biped rigs correctly yet… so you can currently only use traditional bone rigs.

As for DMX, not yet. But so far SMDs still compile into all the engines as far as I know… so I haven’t really felt a need to go into all the effort of adding that yet.

There’s some large 3d text annoyingly stuck to my model, why is that?

That probably means you inadvertantly assigned the WWMT helper as a model … open WWMT, click Pick Model and pick the WWMT helper; then select the helper (the text icon) and in WWMT click Remove Sel to remove that from the mesh list.

Ah, alright I understand, once again brilliant work on the tools so far.

Yes great work on these tools they feel like a totally professional product! Are there any plans to support CAT/Biped rigs in the future? Also I suppose one reason to add dmx support is the higher poly count, I’ve heard that something like 370k is possible.

At the moment, I’m more concerned about CAT/Biped than DMX… but both are things that will get my attention sooner or later. I hope there is a simple solution for CAT/Biped but it will take some more investigation and research… and I can make no promises about when I’ll figure it out.

There is also SMD Exporter, buuut… it doesn’t supports more then 2012.

Hey, I need some help with this.

Whenever I export my model the textures always fuck up with WallWorm and in 3dsMax 2012 with Source plugins. It always displays as purple and black tiles in the model viewer. I’ve double checked the .qc file for material paths and everything. Any help?

Are you sure you exported the textures properly?