3dsMax 8 - Tiny Unreadable Menus

For some reason, since a while back, any time I right-click an object, its menu is very small and unreadable. I can still get to my most used menus from memory, but I’m beginning some new projects and may need to use some other options.


Any way I can adjust this?

Try changing the rendering method from Direct3D to OpenGL or whatever

Blah, no dice there.

Y’know, this might be the product of almost 17 years of squinting at tiny type in Natural Selection while trying to evade certain death, but…I can read that perfectly XO

But try telling Max to use a different “quad” layout, see if that helps. If nothing else, get Max 2009/2010. PM me for an easy way…

I can read it too.

Anyway looks like you fucked up the fonts for it. Try different themes or reinstalling the application.

It isn’t all that hard to read but if your having trouble it is just the font needs to be changed, I think that is in one of the preference menus but don’t quote me on that as I haven’t “personalized” mine.

If it was normal before, delete 3dsmax.ini. It will reset your settings.

Oh. I just realized what was wrong. It’s not any smaller, it’s just in Optimus Princeps, for whatever reason. I think it has something to do with when I changed my language/regional settings to Japanese to install some software a while back, resulting in \ being represented by ¥ from that point on in all Windows applications, such as Explorer or the Command Prompt.

That one’s still a mystery.

Unfortunately, even modifying the menu font under the advanced Quad options doesn’t switch it from Optimus Princeps.