[3DSMax] Bone rigging help needed


Recently I’ve taken an interest in creating models for Source games. While I was able to create my first TF2 hat a while back, I’ve been wanting to achieve something bigger,
to rig a model to the HL2 Skeleton and get it working as a GMod playermodel.

I’ve had experience in modelling before, but not in rigging them. I know how to rig a hat because it’s only connected to 1 bone, but what I need help with is rigging a human
model to a human skeleton. I’ve never rigged a model to multiple bones before [SUP][SUP][SUP](except for that one unrelated unsuccessful time on some other program)[/SUP][/SUP][/SUP] and I’d really appreciate it if you could assist me with this.

I’ll probably also need help with creating a QC, so if you could enlighten me on the ways of making those, I’d really appreciate that too.


[SUB][SUB](Hoping this is the right place to post this.)[/SUB][/SUB]

you can follow mariokart’s guide,.
some links are down, but you can easily find them,.