[3DSMAX] Cascade uv islands? (wave illusion for scrolling animated texture)

I’m planning on making a simple scrolling texture on an arrangement of bars on a building. By adjusting the uv’s, I was thinking that instead of all the bars scrolling uniformly, I could achieve a wave illusion by evenly offsetting each uv island.

I know I can use those transpose boxs at the bottom of the UV editor but I’m hoping there’s a more procedural way to do so.

Embarrassed to say I have no idea on how to approach this. Any ideas would be appreciated.

not sure what you mean by ‘procedural’. ofc… that approach you pictured should sorta work. dunno what else you wanna know. is it just that center section to scroll horizontally? or the whole thing from top to bottom? or maybe both including that section with a bit of angles? maybe you wanna ‘shear’ the uv mapping. or you take the scroll texture as timeline. look at it as a snapshot. then you map your uv’s in the time/cycle. uv’s at the top at uvx = 0 then follow the shape and move the ‘timely’ coordinates to the more uvx direction. you can intermediately map every bit of curve or fluctuation in the cycle/scroll into that ‘timeline’.

Dunno about 3DS Max, but Blender has an unwrap method called “Follow Active Quads” that seems well suited to this type of unwrapping.