3DSMAX for source modelling

Yeah, I know I might be a little late, but I decided to jump into the modelling bandwagon.

So, modelling in 3dsmax isn’t a problem at the moment, but what I would like to know is how do I make my texture appears ingame ? Because all this material shit is confusing me and I didn’t found what I want on interlopers.

Anyone has an explaination or a tutorial about exporting 3dsmax stuff to the Source Engine ?

You need to convert the textures to VMT files using VTFEdit, then write a VMT file for each of them (named the same as the texture you used for the model) set out like this:

	"$baseTexture" "(your texture path)"

The “(your texture path)” bit must have the path to your VTF texture and the name of the VTF texture like this “models/hat/hattexture” (as an example)

I think he means setting it up in Max. You just have to apply your texture as a diffuse map and export that. The location of the texture does matter, so you have to be careful what goes where. I usually just drop the texture (in .vtf form) into it’s final folder and load that up in Max.

Exactly what I wanted, kudos.
I’ll test that tonight.