3DSMax tutorials where?

First of all i just want to say if this is in the wrong section then mods please move to creative cornes or where ever it should be.

I wish to start using modelling software specifically 3ds max, i have however pretty much no experience with these kind of tools so i just wanted to know which would be the best tutorials to use, i currently have 3ds max 2011 so i would prefer if they tough using that version of it.
I also much prefer video tutorials if available, so if anyone knows of any then could you please tell me which to try?

Well just modling or animation work to?

Here’s my tutorial on how to export animations into gmod

For modling get this 3DS Max tool called Wallwormtools

It allows easy export of models you make.

As for video tutorials try YouTube

Well it would be mainly just modelling, but it wouldnt actually be for GMod.
Just general stuff

You should find this useful, its a video tutorial to make a beretta 9000 but it’ll teach you all the basic principals of modelling in 3ds max. I personally found this infinitely useful all those years ago when it first came out.


I forgot to mention, some of the links may be down as this tutorial is older than time itself, but i’m sure if you google the name of it you can find mirrors all over the internet

I would recommend low poly modeling since your a beginner, try these links for human modeling:

The second link is maya but both maya and 3ds max have almost identical UI.