3dvia ?

Has anyone ever heard of 3dvia ? I came across this website that said it can rip any 3d model from any game.

Is it any good ?

Um that’s kind of a stretch, it probably can’t do that. Any game would also mean older systems, not too mention ps2, everything is stored in archives of binary and other shit, that wouldn’t be so easy.

I’m pretty sure they’re either lying or you’re misinformed.

Probably yes, there are no download links anywhere.

Website says nothing about ripping, sorry dude.

it takes a screenshot of the game and saves it as an xml thing, so basically its a 3d screenshot tool

sounds like you’re looking for 3DRipper DX if you don’t know about that

Well yeaah. It could do that. Plus there’s a plug in to import the output file in 3ds max. And yes you have probably read my topic on Xentax requesting someone to post a link to the program, since it was released in 2006… and in like late 2008 - 9 the program just vanished… (and I have no back up copy…)

Its the same thing as 3dx ripper with more leg work involved, sometimes it doesnt capture UVs. try both on a game, or even try game assassin.

I used gameassassin its interface was chinese though + it couldn’t rip models from the games I wanted.