[3GG]Oxide PVE RareWeapons DoorSharing InsCraft Wipe1-12 NoRaid

[3GG]Oxide PVE RareWeapons DoorSharing InsCraft Wipe1-12 NoRaid

Server Information:
To Join -
Hit F1 to open console then paste net.connect
Hosted By: HFB
The server is located in Dallas
Fresh start as of 1/18
Regular Players (Daily) Will Be Given Reserved Slots

As of right now we do not have any wipes planned, all server plugins are listed below but I will name a few here as well, Basic Economy, Teleportation Requests, Groups, Crafting Controller, Door Sharing, Quests and Bounty.

This is a Noob Friendly server, we will help anyone out that is learning the game.

Server Information
Sleepers = Off
PVE = On
Fall Damage = On
Default day/night cycle
Insta Crafting
NO HANDOUTS, normal rust gameplay.
Helpful Admin With Issues.

Server Helpful Commands:

/help - Oxide Help
/ghelp - Group Help
/ehelp - Economy Help
/bhelp - Bounty Help
/adminhelp - Admin Help
/qhelp - Quest Information
/thelp - Ticket Help
/list - Shows All Players Online
/pm "name" PM A Player
/history - Last 20 Messages
/share "name" - Share Doors
Airdrops set to 2* people.

Hit F1, net.connect

Any questions? Want a Place to hang out with friends? Want to know about upcoming Events and Rules? Visit our Website and join our Teamspeak3, Everyone is welcome, Clans and Players!

Website- http://www.3guysgaming.com

Teamspeak3 - 3 Guys Gaming LV Join Ip-

Plugins will be updated asap after the Rust/Oxide updates as soon as the Plugin Authors get them working.

Event Plugins:
The Purge 1.0.2
Portals 0.1.1

Basic Plugins:
AutoMessage 1.8.3
MOTD 1.8.1
Death Messages 0.6.1
Stats 1.1
Nudity ON 1.0

GamePlay Plugins:
Basic Economy 0.5.6
Teleportation Requests 0.3.2
Groups 1.1f
Kits dev 1.1a
Crafting Controller dev 1.1a
Door Sharing dev 1.1a
Private Messaging r4
List Players 0.2.8
Quests 0.2.2
Bounty 0.1.2

Admin Plugins:
Tickets 0.1.2
AdminHelp 1.1.1a
Remover Tool 1.3.1
Vanish 1.1
Auto Admin 0.1.5
Oxmin dev 1.1a

This server is new as of 01/18, The server is ran by Mature Gamers as Admin. If however you think there has been some sort of Admin Abuse please let me know at www.3guysgaming.com in the forum under the Rust section.