3k map size will be very bad

Everyone please display your disgust for 3k map default and lets discuss it here.

Obviously there’s not really much to say, it’s going to be the most horrible change in a while.

Aren’t we supposed to be advancing and making it so we can play 5k, 6k maps without the lag?

3k maps = Rust Battle Arena Game mode. From middle of the map you will be able to see the ocean on all sides, there won’t even be a horizon.

i haven’t seen a mention of this ‘3k’ you speak of, why it’s terrible (beyond the fact that you said so), or how it supposedly has the power to turn standard gameplay into a different perceived gamemode. please provide context

It’s on rustafied.com

looks like someone didn’t read. server owners that have a problem with this small size can easily change it, rendering your argument null. even if it’s considered a bad change by most, it can be tweaked. that’s like complaining that some servers on minecraft have their difficulty set to normal when it could be set to easy.

Not all server will have the pleasure of changing the size…plenty of people will be effected by this including me because of the server I choose to play on.

on the contrary, every server will, unless the person who owns it doesn’t know how to change the config – if this is the case, they should not be trying to host a server. if your server uses a map of a size you don’t like, there’s nothing you can do about it except to suggest a change, which they just might do if it turns out to be too damaging to their playercount to ignore.

If your host doesn’t let you configure the size of the map or other server options, you should search for a less-shitty server host instead of blaming the devs for not being miracle gods of coding.

I’m pretty sure the server he’s talking about is an official server…

This does seem like yet another very weird change made by FacePunch, I hope there’s a good reason for this change. No doubt they explain they’re reasoning behind making this change in the devblog in the morning. To me this just seems like they’re taking yet another step in the wrong direction, we need bigger maps, not smaller maps, so hopefully this is just temporary.

contrary to the belief of a majority rust players (to whom rational thought does not occur), the dev team does not do things perceived as stupid ‘because why not’

there’s more than likely a good reason for the change

“Alpha - If its shit, we change it.”

  • Garry

maps need to be smaller by default because most servers won’t have more than a dozen people on them, meaning than in a huge map player interaction becomes non-existent since everyone will hide in their own corner and at that point might as well just play singleplayer

Smaller maps, are what i seek. most servers are way to big, and like others said. The server owner can choose and will prop do what the majority of the player base says.

lol, we do NOT need bigger maps. so this is a good direction. and servers still have the ability to chose which map they want.

The default map size was 4000 so droping it to 3000 only makes it a bit smaller and if i understand it right that means it will drop from 16km to 12km squared so i don’t see it being an issue.

It was also said that if people are unhappy with the smaller maps then they will look into changing it back to 4000 if i read it right.

I’ve played 3k maps before. They’re fine. If anything, that lets server owners amp up the resource density and spawn rate – do that on a 4k or bigger map and certain resources (like animals) start failing to respawn. And on top of that, server owners can choose to keep their servers at 4000 if they wish.

No, this is not an issue at all. The only outstanding request I have in regard to size is better resource management so that servers with 200+ players can spread out to 5k or 6k maps easily.

Some of you guys are clearly on crack, the last thing this game needs is smaller maps, are you nuts?

Smaller maps mean more player interaction and better FPS I fail to see your argument? Each and every player will have the same advantage and disadvantage that you do.

Thats 44% that is a huge difference

Doesn’t matter, server owner can choose what he likes/player base likes. adding the 3000 Map size, is a good thing cause it’s an option. not forced.

Some of us like to pretend it’s a post-apoc survival game, and we like desolation at times.