3k New Rust map Size


Just went on Rustafied.com and y’know having that Pacific time gives me a little unadvantage against people because I already see 5x5’s with bolt actions… every corner…
WHERE DO I EVEN BUILD ANYMORE? There is literally one big base covering the entire airfield because they snipe everyone around them. It’s like racing to become the first rooftop camper.

There is something about old Rust that is just balanced… Probably because it wasn’t randomly generated but since tree’s had infinite HP there was always cover and somewhere to run. I think new rust should add back the wood nodes, It’d be a cool idea to try out. Buff trees a bit. Idk… something about old rust just was perfect, had it’s pvp areas, you could actually farm and be successful with it, sometimes die. idk man… but It’s annoying with these rooftop campers they have a whole field to spy on little naked gathering now the 4x scope comes in… smaller maps… like… poor little nakeds are going to get squashed and pvp is centered at radtowns, with the whole thing of everyone grouping it’s coming down to be impossible to even play, not even worth. hopefully this devblog 100 is special.