3rd Person Mode?

What would you guys think about Rust having a 3rd person mode? Would it ruin the game or make it better? Would you use it if it was there?

Pvp wise, It could be game-breaking you could easily use it to peak corners, on the other hand you could use it to be more aware while collecting items and it wouldn’t be an issue
Tell me what you guys think :smiley:

I feel that 3rd-Person perspective takes away from the immersion of a game. Seeing around corners is also an unpleasant side-effect of the perspective. Having greater awareness of your surroundings and distancing yourself from the character hurts the atmosphere quite heavily.

Exactly! I wish to not have that exact same thing in the game…

Leave it as first person, like dUTtrOACh said

They could do something like leaning to the sides (Arma style).

I mean imagine playing slenderman where you can just check if hes behind you or around the corner, 3rd person will destroy this game.

3rd person would ruin the game in my opinion, just the fact of all the dodgy things you can do with it like tilt the camera around the corner without you actually having to, really ruins any game.

I’m not saying I like the 3rd person idea, I’m just asking the forums what you guys think, Not sure why so many dumb votes, I personally Don’t really like the idea.

If you look closely, everybody got dumb voted. Take it for what it is: The internet.

Its just two guys came to this thread and dumb voted everyone and left without posting anything.

The problem with 3rd person is that you can see around corners without actually going round them which like some guy said it breaks immersion.

God no… No… Absolutely not. 1st person is the only way to achieve the suspense and immersion that a game like this requires. It also leaves everyone on an even playing field in terms of FOV etc.

that would totally ruin the game

That would ruin the game +1

1st person is very good ! No change :slight_smile: