3rd person view and ingame chat

So i was hoping there could be a 3d person view and a ingame local chat for ex when you walk up to a player you can do /s (Say) and the text appear above your head and in the ingame chat as (Local) that can be read from 100meters away or something what do u guys think

I dont really agree with the third person view ;s One of the good things about rust is the first person view. Also regarding the /s this is already done with some plugins/mods (not sure if allowed to name them here ).

Most of the servers already use private chat plugin and chat reload plugin.

I want you to understand that what I am about to say is not “your ideas are terrible”. This is not about whether they are good or bad, and this is important.

Third person definitely does not belong in Rust because it can be used to look around corners, which gives you a major advantage over anyone in first person.

As for local chat, you can talk on the mic instead. The devs want to minimize the amount of artificial interfaces on the game. Having chat bubbles appear over your head is exactly the sort of thing they do not want Rust to have.

Again, it’s not that your ideas are bad. But they don’t really fit into the vision that the devs say they have for Rust. Chat bubbles make a good optional third-party server mod, though.

That’s more for games like wow…
I would like to see personal chat tho… or privat chat…
ie. /msg Sgt.Shadz we are at radtown ready for…

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I know about 2 mods only… oxide and rust+ does these have chat systems like that?, or is there other nods available now??

One of the reasons why I bought this game - firstperson view. 3rd person not for me.

3rd person would be worst failure if it would be introduced into the game.
Games as Dayz, Warz are ruined for me and many others players because people can just turn 3rd person and watch over the objects and be invisible for others (there is no common sense and no realism in that)

One of the reasons why I not bought Dayz :wink:

Alright but not everyone have a mic do they, and if you wanna chat with someone with the ingame chat you have to search for that person through out the flooding spam which is not very simple on high populated server so disregard what i say about the local chat thing but atleast /s(ay) has to be implented so the chat appears above your head and not in the whole area

It’s not too hard to buy a 5 dollar microphone, it’s decent quality for games like this. Everyone has 5 dollars and a mic jack.

Some people play at night and don’t want to wake up their family, roommate or the ogre that has captured them to make them sweep his floors and polish his gold. I have a mic and I use it sometimes. But I play directly below the room my 7 week old sleeps in. I can’t use the mic when she is napping or sleeping.

I really really really really really hope they never implement third person. Its one of the major things that kills me in dayz. It gives campers a massive advantage over someone moving in. Its so easily abusable its laughable.

Example. Run into a building with a double barrel shotgun. Have some dude chasing after you. You can use third person to watch him come and at the last moment, pop out and BLAMBLAM. Hes gone. No chance because you KNEW hwere he was and he did not know here you were exactly.

Third person also kinda killed a lot of the fun with Planetside 1 for me :(. People standing on staircases with a jackhammer shotgun and then popping out at the last second as I come up it.

Instead of a chat bubble, why not just have a local chat that appears much like the regular chat does. Only thing is it only appears to those close enough to you to ‘hear’ it.

And yeah, no 3rd person. Too easily exploited.

what I dont understand is…its freaking 2014, mics are $2…why the hell does nobody use a mic anymore???

3rd Person ruins PvP

It may not be practical, but Rust would be improved in a lot of ways with local voice only and no server-wide chat. It would be great for immersion. I say this as this as someone who doesn’t play with a mic enabled.

Adding chatbox commands is an awful idea. This isn’t a darkrp server.