3rd Times A, shit...

So I just put Garry’s Mod on my computer for the first time (It’s been on my other computer for about 3 years plus Gmod 9…). Anyway I started up a game on CSS and ran around a bit. Then I got on Garry’s Mod, which worked perfectly fine, I then went ahead and installed the latest Phoenix SVN and loaded it up again.

Here’s where my problems may have started, now I stated earlier that I only have Garry’s Mod and CS:S installed, well being the dumbass I am I spawned the jalopy just to see what would happen. To my surprise it worked perfectly and nothing really seemed out of place.

Anyway after this I went and played something else (non-steam, probably CoD:WaW). So when I came back later and tried running Gmod, I was greeted by the usual “Preparing to launch Garry’s Mod” window, but nothing happened.

Since then Garry’s Mod has been like this every time I try running it, either not doing anything at all or flashing a blank “HL2” window up for a split second. I have searched everywhere for an answer on Google but found nothing, and the Steam Help page wasn’t any help either, I’ve tried reinstalling Gmod, windows updater, lots of stuff… nothing seems to work.

If this helps I am running Vista 64-bit on a Phenom II x4 processor with an Nvidia GTS 250 GPU and ASUS M4A78T-E mobo. I can run any other Steam and non-Steam application (even 32-bit) just fine, this is th e only issue I have come across thus far.

And Windows 7 is not an option for quite a while (last two times I tried it got corrupted) so I hope there is a fix for Vista…


I sure hope not… I don’t have too much to lose as the computers not even a week old yet. But whats to say its not just going to happen again… and how could this happen so suddenly in the first place?

I’m going to reinstall all my drivers and go through the whole windows updater thing again… fingers crossed…


I think I might know whats wrong… when I reinstalled I just deleted local game content… which is pretty much nothing right?

To do a full reinstall you would need to delete the gmod folder (in bold):
steam/steamapps/your name/garrysmod/garrysmod

I did that too, but the funny thing is it doesn’t even try to start, like even when I deleted my Garry’s mod folder it would still say “Preparing to launch Garry’s Mod” and then show up a blank window for a split second…

Try deleting all traces of GMod. To do that, delete this:
steam/steamapps/your name/garrysmod
steam/steamapps/garrysmod content.gcf
And then launch GMod again. I’ve never had this problem so if this doesn’t solve it, I don’t know.

Alright thanks I’ll try that!


So my theory would be that Garry’s Mod runs on HL2 physics until you spawn something from Episode 2… then it switches over to EP2 physics? Because at the time I didn’t have Episode 2 installed.