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ip connect

Advanced Kits (2.0) starter home Pistol

Airdrops (0.1.3) Airdrops every 30 min When 10+ players online

Anti NoFall & Flyhack (1.2) check for no fall damage and fly hack on connect

Anti Ramp Stack (1.2.1) Wont let users stack more than 2 ramps wood or metal

Anti Rock Glitch (2.0) it will check what you have under your feets. If you have a Terrain, as in grass or durt, it will then check from the sky and see if it sees a rock in the way, if it does => player is killed!

Anti WallLoot (1.2.3) Detect players that use Wall Loot 3 kicks and auto ban

Anti Wallhack Kills (1.2.3) Anti Cheat that will detect hackers that kill through walls / trees and rocks.

Black Wolves Banking (1.0.4) save your money

Bushy TPA (0.4) 30 seconds teleport to friends


Explosions (1.2.3) C4 at 22.50% 3c4 metal door or wood wall

Extended Economy (1.3.1) Lots of items available to buy and sell to the shop

Groups (1.4.8) You can create and delete Groups. Also you are able to invite players to your Group. They can accept or decline the invitation.

L.E.S. (1.80) Level and Exp System

Loot Spawn Lists (dev 1.1b) 3XLoot and can find supply signals

R-AntiCheat 1.4.2 An automatic Speedhack/jumphack/flyhack detection

R-AntiGlitch (1.2.2)
Anti Pillar-Barricade.
Prevents players from using Pillar-Barricade

Anti Sleeping Bag under Foundation.
Prevents players from placing a foundation if a sleeping bag was placed

Anti Box/Stash under Foundation.
Prevents players from placing a foundation if they placed boxes or small stashes.

Anti Pillar-Stash
Prevents players from placing a pillar if they placed a small stash under it.

Anti Bear-Wolf Glitch
it will automatically delete bears and wolfs corpses if someone shoot on them.
this will prevent players from hiding inside bears/wolfs

R-Bans (1.7.5) Linked to rust ban database

R-Bans (1.7.5) Group remove No more waiting for your friend to come online

R-SetHome (2.0.2) 2 homes allowed

Resource Manager (0.9.4) 3 X Gather

Steam Profiler (0.1.0) No Private Profiles Or shared accounts

Structure Limiter (1.4) 5x5x16

VAC Kicker (1.4) will kick anyone with a vac ban and will not let them connect

What we want, is a cheat free environment, with like mind players.As you can see from our anti cheat mods we take it pretty serious.
we have modified the game so it spawns in more red animals, and also normal wolves and bears drop loot bags, You may also get lucky
and find a supply signal in Rad town Loot. Apart from that its is 3 x loot of a normal vanilla server and 3 x gather Airdrops every 30 min at
10+ players we also have a steam group feel free to join http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fish3ys


zEppel Pai