3x3x8 elevator base design

Here’s a base design that I’ve been working on based off the elevator used for rock bases, and a 3 high area at the bottom to fight against C4 blowing up the floor.

Rockets …

And the god of rockets said: “Let the loot rain down from the skies”.

Loot isn’t dropped if the foundations/floors below are destroyed :slight_smile:

destroy loot boxes first and then destroy floors before loot does not disappear

or just break it because you can?

I have a 4x4 built very much like this. However, I would recommend that you add floors for the 2nd and 3rd levels even if you don’t use them. Seal them off so you don’t have access and armour the floors / ceiling as well we your elevator shart. That way, you have extra buffer between the useable space above and rocketeers on the ground level.

This base can still be "removed’ by destroying the foundations. But otherwise, it works and is quite secure in terms of keeping people away from your loot.

Place signs on your ceilings and when the floors below are destroyed the building on top of them will float on the signs.

Boxes will hand in the air if the floor which they lay on is destroyed?

How will he access the higher floors if the 2nd and 3rd are blocking the way? Do you mean that he should keep a center hole to build through?

Does this work on all servers? I can see some bases hanging in the air even though the foundations are destroyed. Why is that?

no they just disapear. without spilling the loot.

Oh I see. So currently the one way to actually get the loot is to reach it?

Why do you even promote this ? What’s so wrong in having a freaking normal base without any removal?

Having a house that looks like a bag of chips. Nice.

Correct. Leave the hole for the ‘elevator shaft’. But otherwise, close off the floors as a buffer from rockets.

Yeah, it’s an ugly and not well defensible base. I like all of the suggestions here, this video was really just to get out the idea of elevators on ground bases is still a decent alternative to building on rocks. So, maybe I should make another video with your suggestions and a few ideas I have had as well.

Another suggestion if you find yourself with an excess of metal frags and stone is to double up your empty floors for extra rocket protection. You do the block / floor tile thing and create a secondary, half-height floor on the unused floors. And a double layer armoured outer wall 2 blocks away from your main base doesn’t hurt either.

Another tip: Nobody ( beyond new players ) uses a slanted roof. People can jump on it and you as the building owner can not build anything on it. The sad truth about Rust, … things that look nice are not the most defensible.

The most defensible roof / anti twig tower is a flat roof full of barriers. Preferable metal as they soak up two C4 to destroy, do more damage and can not be tooled away ( unless they have 40+ axes in there inventory for just one barrier ) and if the raiders destroy some barriers, there is still a risk for them to jump. If they wrong jump, then end up on the remaining barriers.

If you want to be a real pain in the behind:



  • = floor
    x = barriers

So if they blast past your outer floor, they need to deal with even more barriers :smiley:

Disadvantage of those defenses is “if” somebody breaches your base, in general its extreme hard to repair because you also need to rebuild the barriers, without dying too much :slight_smile:

The reason why barriers are better is simple: Bear traps can be shot out with simply bow and arrow. Very cheap to take them out, especially if they are shooting from a twig tower. Barriers on the other hand, have between 200+ ( wood ) and 450+ health points ( iron ). And require one or two C4 to destroy. So they form very good damage soaking solutions beyond there damage factor.

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The problem i get with the outer walls, is that the more away from the core of your base you get, the more the resource’s needed to build them increases.

Even a simple ugly flat wall that acts as a rocket screen will:

a) block the enemies there view but also yours.
b) Face massive resource costs to build
c) requires only 1,2,3 C4 to breach

I find more and more that people by crazy resource expensive bases and they still get easily raided because they ran out of resources to upgrade / build all. Ran out of time. Or simply because the terrain they where forced to build not like they planned ( and created weak points. Be it breakable, jump able, jump able on the wall and then walking right next to the base’s outer wall on higher levels ), etc… ).

Well another problem that can occur with doubling up empty floors with blocks is that the raiders could c4 on of the top blocks and use them as stairs to the upper floors

Nothing … as long as you don’t care about your base still being there tomorrow. :wink:

You’re not using blocks. You lay 1 block down and then lay floors off of it, then remove that block. You then have 2 levels of floors in 1 storey.

When using an elevator base, if you someone can even get up to that level, you’ve built your base wrong.

I have a simple question that doesn’t deserve its own thread if someone wouldn’t mind answering here.

If I have a staircase made of twig and at the top a metal door, it will take them 2 c4 to blow open the metal door correct? Will the twig staircase also get destroyed as they attempt to blow open the metal door?