4/20: The Quest for Marijuana

Hi! I never really goto this section of the forums but I made this little 4/20 video on 4/20. >_>

Here it is, hope you enjoy! :smile:

Thanks for looking:)

lol that guy needs to do his driving test again.

meh… wasn’t funny, too long… reminded me of The Loney Asian LOL

ah yes it does now that you mention it fumples. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on a new video right now actually. I’m on my 3rd skit.

Any ideas for some names? It’s hard to think of one. .-.

“Pretzelicious: Garry’s Mod Television”
“Jesus Christ And His Coherence With Some Random Half-Life 2 Mod”
“Breen and Kleiner’s Excellent Adventure”
“How Not To Be A Tool: Episode One”
“Lordy Lordy: Hattie McDaniel Part 2”
“Breen to the Future”
“Kurit is Annoying: Part XIV”
“The Kleiner Show”
“HL2 History X”
“28 Ragdolls Later”
“The Garry’s Mod Physgun Massacre”

Those are some titles taken from another thread… I thought these up. Feel free to use any of them.

Somehow reminds me of Lonely Asian :stuck_out_tongue: