I’m a csgo player and I recently saw a streamer playing with what looked like a 4:3 resolution, can anyone tell me how to get this?

Use a 4:3 monitor

Or just change to a 4:3 resolution and make your monitor have pillarboxes. But if you’re going all the way, then a 4:3 CRT would be the best way for latency…

Why do you even want to play in 4:3, you are essentially limiting your view horizontally.

I use it for CSGO and that’s what I am used to. I am bit of a retard when it comes to monitors so how do I make it have pillarboxes @Warship

What kind of monitor is it? Try looking around it its menu, see if you can find “screen mode” or “aspect ratio” or something along those lines.

ACER, where do I find this menu

Press the menu button?