4 badass guys getting overhelmed by badass zombies

Last time i use the badass word ! I promise !
Also, though it uses personal skins… that’s only because the original L4D models are a pain in the ass to pose. :-/


Higher resolution

And please, post a comment, i don’t want this to get like only 6 comments and die, like the other ones.

Muzzleflashes are a bit off, closest muzzleflash is behind the gun-barrel’s end and the other back muzzleflash has light placed in wrong place(At end).

And I would suggest adding a red outer glow to the muzzle flashes.

Lovely light and blood tho.

Motherfucking dark.

Muzzleflashes needs work

Keep the personal skins in the Thread Blib.

Since i spent like 2 hours on this, not going to post it on the thread just because it has personal skins… :v:
No private joke inside.

They ain’t a pain to pose :stuck_out_tongue:

They aren’t personal skins unless you put 'em in the megathread or say “Me and so-and-so go raping.”
Fuck you ps-haters.

Woha, no flame wars here please, BigBoom has a personal skin too, he was just reminding me about that!

Well, if the gun of the guy in front has notches in the barrel near the front like some guns do, then it could be acceptable.

dark is badass

Looks cool, is that John Dillinger?