4 Completely unrelated Pictures

Some scenes I made I while ago. If people here think they’re any good I’ll make more.

Any advice on how to improve would be apreciated :slight_smile:

Buy a better video card.

thanks for that
I maxed out the graphic before taking the picture (to the point where all I could do was hit prtscreen then exit the game) I’ll try touching them up in photoshop if its really that bad

why do prntscreen why don’t you just use the camera tool then navigate to your screenshots folder
in your c drive

Because I try to minimize my actions when the graphics are set that high. Punching prtscrn is just easier.

Does the camera tool create better pictures?

jpeg_quality 100 bro

ah, okay then
now thats usefull advice. I’ve always used prtscrn till now. Just seems copying exactly whats one the screen then dumping it into paint provides exactly the same result.

Mess around with the Burn,Sponge and Dodge tool and use some filter not to strong filter otherwise it is know as (filterrape) and it hurts our eyes, also improve on your posing and maybe use DoF or Super DoF (Depth Of Field) it blurs out any un-wanted empty backgrounds, also you need alot more work on your posing, don’t just slop them around in a quick 2 minutes, go into every extra little detail, also if the ragdoll’s shirt is to sloppy like the Kasumi model you had clipped into the body, clipped means it collides with the model or gets hidden in the body , clothes or hair. Hope the info helped.

wtf? who rated them dumb?
Thats awsome advice, thanks alot!!

I don’t really use those when editing. They just mess up the quality for me.